Written May 2015
Last week I graduated college.  Tomorrow I’ll be in Europe.  After that, who knows?
For the past week I have been on Cape Cod, reflecting on my college years, and the road ahead. I have turned anxiety of the unsure, into excitement for the future.  My whole life I have always known the next step – this brings a new perspective.
My TEDx Talk finally dropped this week. I’ve received overwhelming support from friends, business associates, and people I haven’t heard from in over 10 years! I’ve received tons of positive reinforcement, but also some great constructive criticism.  My performance was far from perfect, and I have a nice list of improvements for future speaking engagements.  I believe in every word of that TED Talk, and hope to share it with the rest of the world.
These next 2 months are about more than just backpacking throughout Europe.
They’re about:
• Meeting new people – locals and backpackers.
• Hearing great stories,
• Eating unique food,
• Soaking up the culture,
And hopefully catching all of it on the GoPro.
The next 12 months are about growing my perspective and learning as much as possible – Europe is just the first step.
Many of these European adventures will shape the man I become.  I do not look at this trip as a cost – I look at it as an investment.
Overall the future is bright. The pot is brewing.  Something is happening – I just can’t tell what the final product will look like.
All I know is I’m headed in the right direction.

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