What is The Theory of Success?

THE Theory of Success is really YOUR theory.  

That’s the catch.  

Everyone has their own story, and a different set of keys to unlock their doors to success.  Contact us below and we will help you take the first step to figure it out.

The Theory of Success was born March 20th 2015. Check out the TEDx Talk that started the whole story.

Our logo represents something larger than The Theory of Success.

Our planet, and everything around us, is defined by energy, and how it moves from place to place.  As a peak performance strategist, our founder Jesse Henry has dedicated his life to helping people become the best version of themselves.  In order for someone to find their Success Identity – they must be able to propel themselves to their performance zone.

The lightning bolt line that moves toward the performance zone indicates that after every falling – we must persevere, and come back stronger than ever.  Trials and tribulations are inevitable.  Failure and hardships are the fuel to success.  This is about learning from mistakes, and coming back stronger and more prepared.

This logo represents an ideology – a system of beliefs that life is about growth and opportunity.  It represents that fact that on any given day you can make a decision that will dramatically impact the quality of your life.  It’s about being in the zone, creating beautiful things, and helping people attain their wildest dreams.  It’s with great pride that we wear this logo around the nation as we progress in helping individuals and organizations alike.

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